Inspired by Ginkgotchas and Effective Ginkgo/Gomega.

Try not to use variables outside of the tests. It is possible to shadow variable, it is easy to miss the initial definition. It adds confusion.

And if you are using global variables, always assign the value in BeforeEach block. …

Five things I wish i knew before I used PSPs

Pod security policy is an attemp to improve security defaults in Kubernetes for applications to allow operators to set presets for it.

About two years ago we have started investigation for using them in Cloud Foundry Container Runtime. We took it seriously because we didn’t want to break existing users…

Or why we don’t feed our dogs with caviar?

I might be a little bit biased, but I think Cloud Foundry is a pretty good platform to run applications. Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes uses Eirini to schedule applications. However, it uses different applications to deploy itself. …

Upgrade a month keeps the problems quite far

This article is based on my presentation for K8s day in Amsterdam in 2018.

I have worked on Cloud Foundry Container Runtime for almost two years. The main goal of the project is to provide Enterprise-ready Kubernetes. We have been upgrading Kubernetes since the first version. Upgrade pipeline probably was…

Use Kubernetes primitives to find the problem in Cloud Foundry applications

Three weeks ago the cf-for-k8s repository has been open-sourced. It allows you to deploy Cloud Foundry components in Kubernetes and use cf push against that deployment. There are already several projects that enable deploying Cloud Foundry to Kubernetes — KubeCF, its previous version SCF, several Kubernetes CPIs for Bosh. …

Last CNCF mailing list has an article about large clusters. And there are several points that I want to comment on the article.

I spend almost two years on cluster installer — creating clusters and improving the availability of clusters, testing scalability and so on.

First — strange cluster topology.

How could interview not to change a life? You get rejected and learn new things, you pass it and get a new job and new experiences. …

Kubernetes uses mTLS for service components to communicate.

Certificates are difficult and automatically generating them is one of the key features of Cloud Foundry Container Runtime(CFCR).

There is one thing though. The default certificate duration in CFCR is one year, so if you have deployed the cluster last year, it…

Progress on Kubernetes replacing Diego

NB: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not necessarily those of my employer (or my PM).

Two years ago on Cloud Foundry summit, the question has been asked: “Will Kubernetes replace Diego?” At that time I answered no and wrote several articles with the explanation. Now…

Every three months a new Kubernetes major version is released. It is hard to keep up with the latest all the time. It is very hard to keep up, you need to deploy the newest version in advance to see if it breaks something.

There is an easy way to…

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